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Today’s news environment is loud, schizophrenic and overwhelming. But keeping up with politics is more important than ever. It’s easy to become jaded about what happens inside the Beltway, but what happens here doesn’t stay here — it affects everyone across the country, and even around the world.

Having been in this business longer than I care to admit — and having been schooled in the journalism basics of accuracy and integrity — I hope I can break down today’s major political debates in a way that’s easy to digest and offers a big-picture perspective on the issues that matter, instead of the instantaneous headlines that don’t.

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As for me…

I’m your typical political junkie. I stay up all night to read federal budget proposals when they’re released. There’s really no cure for us.

I was born in Poland but came to the D.C. area when I was young. My parents, like so many immigrants, left everything behind to give me a better life (and hopefully I’ve done them proud). Growing up, there were plenty of talks around the dinner table about politics and international affairs — some louder than others, but all taught me to question everything and try to understand the world around me.

I went to the University of Maryland (and proudly married a fellow Terp) and went on to become managing editor of The Washington Diplomat, a respected newspaper serving D.C.’s international community. I’ve been privileged to write about everything from transatlantic relations to climate change in the Caribbean to the best hotel presidential suites in town.

Now, I’m also a broadcast producer at WTOP and host of the Global 360 podcast (but the views expressed here are completely my own).

You can see all my work, along with some more lighthearted stuff like my travel photos and favorite local spots, at dc-insider.com.